Bell frame is fit for the future.

Please notice the change from outside: slants of green are visible in the bell chamber above the clock. The green bars are part of the newly painted framework for our six bells. After around 110 years more than one coat of paint was necessary to stop rusting and make the ringing safe for the next 100 (as we hope, it is a lot of work) years.

Our team of five bell ringers and one non-ringer donned the necessary gear and went to work with metal scrapers, paint brushes and industrial grade two component paints. Casualties included lots of old clothing, some headaches, sore hands and bad backs. On the other hand, not everybody gets the opportunity to work high up in a 500 year old tower. We can confirm, even in high winds the tower doesn’t reel a bit.

After 5 weeks and 160 hours - and much needed cups of tea/coffee - the job was done.

(In the near future we will tackle the wooden bell wheels, but that will be a different chapter in the towers history.)

Please find more images on the bell ringing page.

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