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27th September - 29th November : Venue - Community Room
Every Wednesday from 6pm-7pm


Following a successful Summer Bible Study, we would like to invite all those who would like to take part in our next bible course in the Autumn. Our bible study will be looking at the book of Exodus which is the second of five parts and comprises of what Scripture calls "The Book of Moses or The Pentateuch." The Exodus experience was the defining moment in the history of the children of Israel. In the exodus from Egypt, Yahweh took a down-trodden group of Canaanite slaves and formed them into His holy covenant nation, making them the vehicle of salvation for the other nations of the earth.


You are invited to come and study with us.

We will be meeting in the Community Room every Wednesday evening from six'o'clock.

Lesson    Chapter(s)      Description
  1           1                    Introduction - Israel in Egypt
  2           2:1-2:22         Moses' Childhood and Early Life in Egypt and Midian
  3           2:23-4:31       God Commissions Moses to be Israel's Saviour
  4           5:1-7:25         Moses and Aaron Take God's Message to the Pharaoh
  5           7:26-10:20     The Continuation of the Plague Judgments on the gods of Egypt
  6           10:21-12:20   The Plague of Darkness and God's Instructions to Moses for Israel's Salvation from the                                         Tenth Plague

  7           12:21-13:22   The Death of the Firstborn and the Israelites' Flight out of Egypt
  8            14:1-16:36    The Miracle of the Parting of the Sea and the Desert Journey to Mount Sinai
  9            16:1-18:27    The Miracles on the Desert Journey to Sinai
10            19:1-20:21    A Great and Terrible Love: Israel's Rendezvous with God at Sinai and the Formation of                                          the Old Covenant Church
11             20:22-23:33 The Book of the Covenant Parts I - III
12            24:1-24:18    The Ratification of the Sinai Covenant
13            25:1-26:37    Instructions for the Holy Sanctuary Part 1
14            27:1-28:43    Instructions for the Holy Sanctuary Part II and Instructions for the Liturgical Vestments

                                     of the Priest
15            29-30            Instructions for the Ordination of the Priesthood and the Instructions for the                                                         Completion of the Sanctuary
16            31:1-33:18    The Sabbath Obligation and The Sin of the Golden Calf
17            33:18-37:16  Yahweh Reveals His Glory to Moses Covenant Renewal and the Building of the                                                     Sanctuary
18            37:17-40:38  The Sanctuary is Built and God Takes Possession of the Tabernacle

 We would love to see you there.

Contact Father Lameck on 01829 770245

or email him directly at to find out more.

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