St. Alban's is part of Chester Diocesan Guild of Church Bell ringers/ Chester branch.

Practice time at St. Alban's:
7.30pm on most Thursdays.

Please call beforehand.

Tower Captain:

Carolyn Vickers,

01829 770542


Ringing for more than 400 years.

There are six bells in Tattenhall Tower. They are rung every Sunday at 10am before the 10.30am service.


St. Alban's Bells

Of the six bells in Tattenhall Tower three are dated 1596. These are said to be the oldest dated bells in Cheshire. A treble and a tenor were added in 1710. After considerable restoration between 1900 and 1904  a sixth bell was added.


More about the fascinating history of the bells can be found in Kenneth B. Senar's book: Saint Alban's. Our Parish Church in Tattenhall, available at the back of the church.

When the last bell was added, a metal frame substituted the previous and presumably wooden frame. Since then there doesn't seem to have been any major work done on it. Being fairly exposed to the elements, the metal frame had now gone rusty. So in 2016 it was restored by the tower. In 160 working hours five ringers and a non-ringer cleaned and scraped and coated the bars and R.S.J.s with three layers of heavy-duty marine paint. The work took five weeks and will keep the frame fit for purpose for decades.

Please see images of the project below.


St. Alban's is part of Chester Diocesan Guild of Church Bell ringers/ Chester branch.

Left: Initial state: rust on the bars.

The covered bells have a ghost-like appearance - for the time being they are out of service.

Left: Messages from the past: cigarette packs from the 50ies and the 70ies hidden in the 'window sills' of the tower.

Left: the first two coats in light grey are applied to the frame.

Right: no easy painting below the bells.

Right: progress is being made with the help of brushes, gloves and sandpaper.

Right: the headstocks are the last to get their three coats of paint: two grey, one green.

Far right: ready to ring, the bells at last in working position again.