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We need your help!

Our lovely Church is in need of additional funding. Not only has the cost of oil and electricity gone up massively, but there have also been extra maintenance costs which were unplanned. We know that times are hard, but we appeal to you to dig a little deeper to help support the Church which plays such a huge part in the local community and surrounding area.

We are blessed to have such a lovely Church in our village.


There are several ways you can help:

Thank you!

All donations are most welcome either as a one-off payment by bank transfer (details below), by cheque made out to Tattenhall Parochial Church Council or via our Just Giving page.

Regular Giving
By creating a monthly standing order you can really help, as this enables us to plan our expenditure with more confidence, and also means that we can claim an extra 25% through Gift Aid (please contact the treasurer for a standing order form to send to your bank). If you have already set up a regular giving amount but not increased it for a while, could we ask you to consider whether you could increase the monthly amount you can afford to give. It will make a big difference. It also means that you can take comfort in knowing that you are supporting the Church even if you are away on holiday and unable to attend in person!

Our bank details are:

Account name - Tattenhall PCC (Tattenhall Parochial Church Council)

Bank sort code - 40-44-03

Account number - 91110624

Will and Testament_edited.jpg

Have you written yours?
Have you considered writing one but haven't yet got round to it?
Have you considered leaving something to St Alban's Church?

ST ALBAN'S CHURCH welcomes all gifts left in wills - large or small. Our policy is to use the gift wisely and it would almost certainly go towards maintaining the fabric of the church building thus ensuring it will remain in a stable and safe condition for generations to come.


YOUR WILL is of course a very private matter and you do not need to disclose anything about what you leave or to whom. There are plenty of solicitors who can guide and help you write it. If you would like a general, no obligation chat with us before deciding, or would like information about what will happen to your gift if you leave one, please contact

the Rector (Lameck Mutute 001829 770345) or the Treasurer (Steve Lawrence 07958 900184).

If you can help support our appeal to Keep the Lights on at St Alban's we would be really grateful.

Thank you!

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