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Fabric Committee

The Churchwardens are responsible for looking after:

• The Church Building
• Community Room
• Churchyard.

They work alongside The Fabric Committee and together they take responsibility for the following for the maintenance and upkeep of the Church:

• Health and Safety Issues
• Routine maintenance of Church and Churchyard
• Painting, plumbing and electrical work
• Security
• Cleaning

The Church is inspected every 5 years and a Quinquennial Report is issued which shows the various things that need to be attended to along with priorities and costs. It is the responsibility of the Fabric Committee to commission the work.

New volunteers are always needed and welcomed to help either practically or with organising projects both small and large.

Please call a Churchwarden for more information.

Fete Committee

Our annual Village Church Fete, along with our raffle, usually takes place in The Rector’s Garden at the beginning of July.

It is a glorious event, full of community fun and always well supported by the whole village. In recent years we have welcomed a Zimbabwean choir and BBQ, adding to the party atmosphere.

We are always looking for willing volunteers to join the organising committee and to help with stalls, baking,  making, donating and gathering goods, setting up and putting away.

If you can help in any way, please contact Ruth Morgan on 01829 771841 or send a message HERE.

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