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The Friends of

St Alban’s Church Building, Tattenhall

Here at St Alban's, we are immensely proud of our lovely church.

A church has existed in Tattenhall since as early as 1300AD, with evidence showing that a church has been on this present site since the early sixteenth century. Although the church was rebuilt in 1869-70, the original tower still stands proud. The church is of a John Douglas design, a very prominent architect in Cheshire and is noted for its scale and proportion.

The present building mostly dates from the 1860s and is enjoyed not only by regular churchgoers but also by others; those who wish to use it for important occasions like weddings, baptisms and funerals, by local residents who want to preserve a part of their local heritage and by people who want a special setting for a music concert or other community event.


The Friends of St Alban’s Church Building is a charity, registered number 1119312, and is completely separate from the church; set up to collect funds for the repair, maintenance and improvement of St Alban’s Church building, fittings, ornaments and grounds.


If you have an interest in the preservation of the church building and grounds we invite you to become a Friend of St Alban’s Church Building, Tattenhall.  To become a Friend, please contact Rob Selby or David Ackroyd (details in panel below) or click on the link below to download a membership form or view our privacy policy. 

There are seven trustees of The Friends of St. Alban's

Please feel free to contact any of us by phone or email if you require further information.

Rob Selby (Chair) - 01829 770586 -           

Sheila Chapman (Treasurer) - 01829 770960 -

David Ackroyd (Secretary) - 01829 773632 -

Joanna Bauldreay -

Viv Forshaw - 01829 770576 -

George Richards - 01829 770482 -  

Jenny Thomson - 01829 770178 -

Join the Friends!

View, print or download a Membership Form 

View, print or download our Friends' Privacy Policy

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