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Welcoming into the family of Christianity

A Baptism is often referred to as a Christening. This is when a person commits to follow Jesus Christ as a disciple. Originally this was for adults but, as the early church grew, parents wanted their children to be part of this new community of faith.


  • Thanking God for the gift of your child · Making them a member of Christ’s community, the Church.

  • Making the commitments of a Christening on their behalf. You are promising to teach them to pray and to be part of the worshipping community. It is important to understand that this means a commitment to attend church services and other events as a family.

  • Families are expected to choose Godparents who represent the child at the service. These are people connected to the family or child. Two females and one male if the baptism is of a girl and two males and one female if the baptism is of a boy.

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When old enough to make these decisions for themselves they will be able to be Confirmed. Usually this is anywhere from age 11 upwards.  Candidates can be younger if they are mature enough. Parents bringing children for Christening, who are not themselves Confirmed, may want to discuss Confirmation as part of our Christening preparation series.


To prepare for Christening

We offer a preparation series with either the parents or an adult to be Christened. We are able to Christen those who live within our parishes and those who live outside of our parishes but attend our services on a regular basis. (This means at least once a month for more than six consecutive months.) If you are unsure if you live within our parishes please check with the Rector.

When you meet with the Rector before the event, he will explain the service to you. Services have been held in this building for over one hundred and thirty five years and on the same site for over seven centuries, so you will be continuing a very old tradition.

Contact Father Lameck Mutete for a chat on 01829 77024

 or email him directly at

For more information visit the Church of England webpage.

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