Tattenhall Bereavement and Loss Café Launch

Date- Last Friday of the Month

Time 10.00am- Tattenhall Community Room/The Vault

As part of our pastoral responsibility in our community here in Tattenhall, we have come up with the idea of a ‘Loss Café’.

What’s it all about?

You may wonder if it will ever be possible to talk about your experience of bereavement, loss of your relationship etc. because for years, you may have kept it to yourself. There are so many rivers to cross when you lose your loved one or, even perhaps, your life savings.  With bereavement, the journey may begin through care during illness, right up to the time of the final separation when all that remains is that empty chair. 

On the other hand, it sometimes is a loss so sudden, that you had no time to prepare. The world does not offer any form of preparation for these kinds of experiences and yet you are expected to walk through these life chapters alone.

It is from this perspective that the church is inviting anyone from the parish to come and share their experience of bereavement or loss with those who have walked the same journey with you.

You may just come to listen and have tea and coffee with others: the sharing is a personal choice and may vary from one person to another, depending on their personal experiences and what they feel comfortable to share with others. There will also be some professional people who will come to each meeting, as guests, to share with us their expertise on how to deal with matters related to bereavement and loss, or, how to prepare for the life experiences that we will inevitably have to live through and deal with.


See you on the last Friday of the month.