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An occasional venture into old newpaper cuttings

This cutting is about the sundial in the churchyard

Chester Courant - Tuesday 12 February 1822

Sundial theft_edited.jpg

This cutting reports a break-in at the church

Chester Courant - Tuesday 17 November 1840

Ten Pounds Reward.

WHEREAS on the night of Thursday, the 12th inst. some evil-disposed person or persons broke one of the windows of Tattenhall Church, through which they obtained entrance into the Vestry, and stole therefrom Sacramental Wine, the Corks being stamped "Evans, Chester," and a Damask Table-cloth and Napkin, belonging to the Communion Table Service, stained with Port Wine. TEN POUNDS REWARD will be given by the Churchwardens of Tattenhall, for such information as shall lead to the discovery of the offender or offenders, on conviction.

Tattenhall, 16th Nov. 1840.

This cutting is about a wireless broadcast

Cheshire Observer

Saturday 06 October, 1956



Evokes Many Letters Of Appreciation


The memory of this year's harvest festival services at St. Albans Church, Tattenhall, will linger in the minds of the village people for many years to come. Evensong on Sunday was broadcast in the North of England Home Service of the B B.C. The church was beautifully decorated by a host of workers. The flowers were outstanding in quality, and the fruit and vegetables were plentiful. There was corn in abundance.  All were arranged to give colour and effect to the beautiful old church, and as on other special occasions the chandelier with its many candles made a blaze of light. An additional decoration was a miniature haystack, made by Mr. Philips of The Hall and it added realism to the festival. The services began last Friday, when the preacher was Rev A. E. Barnes. Vicar of Ashton Hayes. On Sunday Mr F. Whitworth conducted Matins and the Rector, Rev J. S. Gamon conducted the children's gift service in the afternoon. The lessons in the broadcast service were read by Mr. Whitworth, and the Rector gave the sermon. Miss Saunders was the organist. Since the broadcast. which was produced by Rev. G. M. P. Hamilton, letters of appreciation have been received from many parts of England and Wales.

We're not cetain of the date nor publication for this cutting!


Kevin knows a bunny with lots of eggs



CHURCH SHOW: Church wardens at Tattenhall Parish church Pat Reynolds and Sue Orme collecting items for this weekend's exhibition.

THE annual Tattenhall Arts Festival at the parish church starts today. Local artists and craftsmen and women are invited to display their work In the Exhibition of Painting, Sculpture, Pottery and Textile Art as part of the three-day exhibition.
A harvest festival celebration will follow the exhibition on Sunday. Building on the
successes of previous years, the festival has expanded and now provides music. This year organisers are happy to welcome the vocal group 'Going for a Song'.
Admission is by catalogue, priced £1. The concert is at 4.30pm on Sunday, October 3rd In church. Tickets are £6 (including wine and entry to the Sunday exhibition).

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